Joining The Open Alliance

Anyone is welcome to post content on ChiefDelphi with an #openalliance tag. If your team will be posting regular updates, we encourage you to apply to The Open Alliance via the following form:

Once your team has posted 2 updates on your ChiefDelphi build thread, we will add your team to the Open Alliance website. Feel free to message Justin on Chief if there is a delay in this.


Open Alliance teams are expected to provide the following resources:
  • ChiefDelphi build thread, with regular updates (once a week recommended)
  • Either public code OR public CAD
1. Open Alliance teams don't keep secrets.
2. Open Alliance teams do their best to share updates at least once a week.
3. Open Alliance teams primarily post updates to ChiefDelphi.
4. Open Alliance teams provide open CAD and/or open code.
5. Open Alliance teams include the bad with the good.
6. Open Alliance teams join to help everyone - not just other Open Alliance teams.